Small Business Recovery Centre USA Moves to South San Diego


Small Business Recovery Center San Diego

SBRC USA San Diego Moves to the South

Only 3 months after soft opening the Small Business Recovery Centre USA COVID-19 resources, reboot, rebuilding, recovery and digital grant program, in downtown San Diego they announced that they are leaving this week. However, they will not be going too far when they re-open September 6, 2021 in their South San Diego location. The SBRC USA was established to provide digital growth grants, free and discounted resources, consultations, and other tools needed to rebuild US small businesses disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic nationwide.

The program is wholly funded by the disadvantaged Minority Business Enterprise, Chemeria Consultancy established in 1973, membership dues, donations and corporate grants. The Centre is working along with government agencies and banks to reboot American businesses particularly those who received Paycheck Protection Program loans referred to more generally as PPP loan recipients.

A founding principal of the program AD “Tony” inocentes retired founder of Chemeria Consultancy said, “Although the federal Paycheck Protection Program ended May 31, 2021 there is still much work needed to support the effective rebooting of millions of American businesses that have been turned upside down.”

A primary service being provided by the Centre’s Small Business Recovery Consultants is reviewing and advising clients on their loan compliance, applying for loan forgiveness and submitting appeals for rejected forgiveness applications.

Members Choice of Free Strategic Rebuilding Sessions by Zoom or Telephone More Convenient and Safer

The SBRC USA also provides a one hour strategic session for free to any PPP recipient and to their members. Most strategic session participants learn to create business re-engagement and retention recovery plans. Additional help is ready to deploy or manage recovery plans, and provide research for alternative operation models that may enhance revenues or cut costs.

Digital tools are provided to businesses for free, or with help from corporate grants. The tools create groupon style ads, email campaigns, lists, websites, mobile apps chatbots and much more.

In July 2021 California launched their Small Business Loan Rebuilding program that targets the neediest of the needy entrepreneurs in the state of California. The City of Los Angeles this week is launched a $37 million small business “Comeback Check Program while the SBA has Economic Injury Disaster Loans, EIDLs, and traditional hard and soft money loans are available to businesses still in need of financial assistance.

Same High Quality Resources and Services But Safer

Inocentes explained the Small Business Recovery Centre USA’s move is a COVID-19 safety measure they are taking to better protect members and staff. He further added, “The foot traffic at the Center has been minimal and it’s not making economic sense to have a presence in downtown San Diego.” He said, “The Centre was using up financial resources that could be better used to assist re-establish a client business operation to pre-pandemic levels and hopefully beyond. “

The move does not effect the resources nor the level of services received by members. Services will be available online, telephonically, or by Zoom. The move to a new location will work out better for Centre clients. Small Business Recovery USA clients will be able to remain in their business where it’s safe and still be able to get the same quality services and coaching.

More information can be found at their website or by calling toll free to 888-363-3912. Their introduction video can be viewed by clicking this link.

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